Q: How can we read your blog if we want to avoid spoilers?

A: It's called Spoiler Whore. There are chances you will be spoiled. If it's a new show or movie, I'll 99% insert a break before the spoilers or some sort of alert, but if the show or movie or game has been out for at least 6 months, consider yourself warned.


Q: Can we suggest TV shows or movies for you to review?

A: Absolutely! There is a chance however that we won't watch them. I'm a creature of habit. I still have movies that Matt has bought for me that I just refuse to watch because I know what I already like. I would rather watch The Bird Cage, Overboard or Clueless a hundred times before looking at most new things. I'm trying to break out of that habit though, and hopefully this blog will help me do that.


Q: Do you have a list of shows, movies and games you've reviewed?

A: Not yet, but it's in the works!


Q: Do you accept guest posts?

A: Absolutely! There are only so many hours in a day and we can't watch everything ourselves. Every fall we have to make the painful decisions on which new shows we get to watch because our DVR is only so big. So yes, please, if you want to guest post just email ---


Q: I didn't agree with a review you wrote, and I'd like to offer a counter-point. Would you post it?

A: It depends on if I'm actually right about my review, or if it was just an opinion. Kidding. Yes, feel free to send in your own reviews even if I've already posted one of my own!


Q: Can we request certain spoilers to be posted?

A: I have a running list of shows that I try to keep up with in regards to news and spoilers, but if there is something you are specifically looking for, I will do what I can to find it for you!