Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is Kitty Forman Immortal?

I've seen every episode of That 70's Show more times then I care to admit. It's a great show, and it still makes me laugh.

However, today I noticed something I never paid attention to before.

Actor boo-boo's. Today was a good one! Unfortunately I was in the middle of mundane domestic chores and thus did not catch the entire episode to be able to tell you all exactly which one it was. I simply remember the one scene that caught my attention:

Kitty is cooking up mushrooms and green bell peppers in a pan . . and you can hear the sizzle sound. But amazingly -- she has her hand directly on the pan instead of using the handle. Woah! Either she's super-human, or the sizzle-sound was just added in. Or she has no feeling in her hand, and that sizzle was her flesh slowly sauteing away.

I consider that a heck of a blunder, personally.I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more 70's Show Goofs and filling them in right here.

(Example: Anyone notice the weirdness in the years? It's like the crew didn't graduate until they were 20. eh?)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

XBox 360 Avatar Fun

One of my favorite things about XBox Live has to be the avatars. They're fun and quirky and you can buy lots of goodies to dress them up with (not that I do. I'm cheap. Whatev).

I used to change my avatar constantly, about as much as my hair color changed (which was A LOT). But since getting pregnant, I got super lazy. Until recently.

Now my avatar looks just like me, and almost as pregnant as I do!

Not that my avatar is the most original thing on XBox Live. . . . . . . . . One of the big things now is that a lot of celebrities are being Avatar'd. Not only celebs, but some of the most amusing Avatars are the politician look-alikes (check some out here).

I would love to see other creative Avatars, if anyone has any, or you can just show off your own look-alike Avie.