Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Eggs: Star Wars

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The name's Alex. I'm the author of Memoirs of a Fanboy. I'm also the newest co-contributor for Spoiler Whore! 

   (Yes, I am wearing a Jayne shirt and proud of it!) 

I'll be starting an ongoing segment that highlights what we like to call in the world of geeks, Easter Eggs. These focal points of nerdy obsession typically come in the form of quick cameos, vague shout outs, or blink-and-you'll-miss-it crossovers between franchises.  

For the first in the Easter Egg segment I'll be revealing the top easter eggs from a very popular franchise that just so happens to also be one of my favorites; Star Wars!

So, without further adieu, here they are; the Top Star Wars Easter Eggs:

E.T. in The Phantom Menace: 

One of the more well known Easter Eggs in Star Wars was the addition of a trio of aliens who just so happen to also appear in a famous Stephen Speilburg film. 

Upon arriving upon Coruscant these extraterrestrials can be seen in the Senate Rotunda while Queen Amidala is pleading her case. 

Lucas & Family Hit Up the Opera House: 

In Revenge of the Sith, you can actually see quick cameo appearances of none other then George Lucas and his family. Three of the four members of his family are seen in opera house visited by Anakin and Palpatine right before Anakin turns to enter the box where Palpatine and his entourage are watching the show. 

Here we see George speaking with his daughter Katie Lucas. Katie has gone on to write multiple episodes for the Star Wars spin-off cartoon, The Clone Wars. 

George's eldest daughter Amanda speaking with her real-life boyfriend.

George's son Jett gets the most screen time as Jedi Youngling Zett Jukassa who is gunned down upon the initiation of Order 66. 

The Outlander in Mos Eisley: 

For fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe of novels, comics and video games, The Outrider may be familiar to you. 

Introduced in the popular Shadows of the Empire multimedia project from back in 96', The Outrider was a                            Millenium Falcon stand in piloted by Dash Rendar who was a stand in for Han Solo while he was frozen in carbonite. Creative no? When the Special Additions of the Original Trilogy were released, the Outrider was added as a sweet little tidbit, taking off over Mos Eisley Space Port. It can be seen from behind in the upper left corner. 

 THX-1138: George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, gave the name THX-1138 to his very first movie that he made in film school. While the movie itself never surmounted to much attention, it has become one of the most prolific easter eggs, to have the name of this film, or more commonly the numbers '1138' hidden in a movie. 

Here's where you can see the numbers in each of the six Star Wars movies:

-Ep. 1: 1138 is the designation given to the Battle Droid knocked over by Jar Jar after the Droid Control Ship is destroyed. 
-Ep. 2: 1138 can be seen on the back of a clone trooper's helmet when Mace Windu orders the army to land in an assembly area. 
-Ep 3: Though not directly in the film, entering 1138 in the DVD menu for Revenge of the Sith while highlighting the THX logo will result in the viewing of 'Hip Hop Yoda'. Go, try it. Believe me, it works. 
-Ep 4: Chewie is said to have been transferred to "...cell block 1138..."
-Ep 5: The Rebel General on Hoth, Rieekan, orders Rouges 10 and 11 to section 3-8
-Ep 6: Although its nearly impossible to see in the film, the side of the helmet Leia uses to enter into Jabba's Palace has 1138 etched into it. 

Keep on the lookout for my next Easter Eggs article; Star Trek!

Any Easter Eggs I failed to mention? Sound off in the comments below! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pawn Queens: Hand Over Your Crown

(co-contributor: Desi)

Pawn Queens on TLC promised to be a twist from our beloved Pawn Stars (which I love!!), debuting the work lives of two women who own and run a pawn shop that caters mostly to the feminine crowd. I thought, hey -- this could be cool. The previews show you a couple feisty women who seem to have what they need for the business.

So I watched. And by the end of the episode, I was cursing at the television. I've probably never seen worse business sense debuted on TV in my life. The women are too emotional for the game, first of all. Their poor business partners are running around in the background, but they seem far more capable and level-headed. And I'm sorry, the stuff they buy? I'm bored to death. Nothing of historical value -- nothing even interesting.

And they keep running out of money! What kind of business IS this?! You are supposed to "buy" and "loan" -- and they didn't have enough cash to buy a $3,000 original 1959 Barbie. It was pathetic. That dear woman had to wait HOURS for her money. I would have walked out, I'm sorry.

To be honest, I didn't snap until they lost and re-found a woman's ring that they had been holding as collateral. This poor woman looked pretty upset. It wasn't in their safe or deposit box, so they go out and try to buy her a new ring. And what happens? The jeweler tells them he has -- because they brought it to him to refinish.

I think this show is going to take a nosedive, quickly. And their business is going to end up shutting down. It sucks, in my opinion, and I'm not the only one.

So, two thumbs down for Pawn Queens.