Monday, April 11, 2011

Let Me Hear You SCREAM

(co contributor post: Desi)

Personally, I nearly leapt out of my seat when I saw a television premiere for Scream 4. It was a shock, especially since I usually know what movies are coming out before they even start filming. Don't worry, my husband was shaking his head at me too. But I am genuinely excited! My favorite slasher series continues! WITH original characters/actors. YAY! ( I still miss Jamie Kennedy *sad face*)

That preview sent me back to my child hood. No lie. The scream mask was a huge hit for a number of Halloweens and I, naturally, owned the costume. So during the summer, instead of sitting inside watching MTV (a real 12 y/o thing to do back then), my friends and I ran around outside taking turns terrorizing each other with the Scream costume around my mothers property. I won't lie, there were moments of genuine terror -- especially if you tend to watch movies so much you kind of forget where you are. And when you play the Scream killer, you have to BE the Scream killer. That meant showing up unexpectedly and getting around ninja style. Sometimes we had to stop when someone got too freaked out. I know pre-teens and teens today are thinking that was a real loser activity. Well, bite me. My other outdoor activity consisted of brilliant treasure hunts concocted by yours truly. I was the Queen of imagination, and the other kids loved it, so nyeh.

Anyway, this Friday, April 15th -- Scream 4 hits theaters (I should point out that Scream 3 was released in 2000!) Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Coz-Arquette, director Wes Craven -- all good things! I'm hoping that for a birthday gift I am going to be able to go. If not......well, I will make another sad face.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teen Mom Reality Check

(Co-Contributor post: Desi)

I've found myself addicted to teenage drama on television. Is it perhaps because I lacked drama as a teen myself (good decade ago now)? Or because I'm both amazed and disgusted by the way media manipulates the youth of today? I realize the show was designed (or so they say) originally to raise awareness about the difficulties teen moms/dads face in real life. In my humble, and well educated, opinion -- what they are really telling teens is "Hey look, get pregnant and you can get on TV and be famous and get lots of money."

Are you with me? Seriously? I've even gotten into this discussion going through the line at Publix. I bought a magazine with an article about the show (because I study whatever I find to be obscure), and the bagger (an older man, who I find always have the GREATEST stories and jokes) asked what it was about. So the cashier started talking about how her teen daughter was watching it and that she did not agree with the message being sent. Well, I just had to go off on this one. And I did. They agreed, and that sweet old man even put in his few cents "Well, as guys we ARE the cause. We're saying, "C'mon baby..". I hope to see him next time I'm in there. His honesty was refreshing.

I'm sure a teenager with enough confidence in herself and enough common sense can see past the glamor the show represents and realize that these girls are going through hell, on and off camera.

I had my daughter at 19. It was not easy at that age, and I could not imagine having to quit high school to do it. I wouldn't have gotten my three scholarships to college. I wouldn't have been top of my class and valedictorian, and honestly I wouldn't want to give up any of those things. I love my daughter, but I know better choices could have been made and that she deserved better of me. I regret that I had to quit college, and when I finally went back.. I got a degree I don't even want. I hate my that fact that I have a job and not a career. I can admit that, knowing now that regardless of what sacrifices I've made...I am the best mother my daughter could have and she is the most amazing little girl she could be.

Could these televised teen moms say the same? I think our youth need real role models, not peers getting rewarded for bad decisions. If you've been watching, you probably know that Janelle is my target example and has been from the first moment I caught the show at random. You may have seen her on the news recently for her current arrest.

Reality? Her son will never be able to live down his mother's past, present, and possibly negative future. There are far bigger things here then just our own selfish entertainment.

We are a half hour in to the season finale. Watch on, friends.